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Orientational Order in Spin-Cast Lead-Iodide Perovskite Nanocrystal Solids

Nov. 16, 2023

By varying the additive ligand length, we explored the trade-offs between ordering and the formation of layered (2D) perovskite impurities.

Scientific Achievement

We showed that film processing and ligand choice can control the crystallographic orientation in lead-halide perovskite nanocrystal solids.

Significance and Impact

We established improved long-range order in lead halide nanocrystal solids leading to improved charge transport properties.

Research Details

  • Control of the crystallographic orientation in lead-halide perovskite nanocrystal solids utilizes ligand choice and high-speed film processing
  • In situ X-ray scattering shows that orientational ordering occurs rapidly upon solvent removal during spin coating.
  • Assembly-directing ligands as additives to enhance orientational ordering showing intermediate-length octylamines demonstrate increased in-plane yield-mobility indicating enhanced internanocrystal electronic coupling concomitant with ordering.


Related People

Joseph Luther
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Michael Toney
University of Colorado

For ordered spin-cast (FA)xCS1-xPbl3 nanocrystal solids, one chart shows thin-film X-ray scattering and another shows the intensity of polar angle, %.